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Thailand Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery   

Travel Information

Airport - Taxis. If you are arriving from a long flight, try to arrange with your hotel for transfer on arrival at the airport. If not, you can book an ariport taxi or limousine from inside the arrivals hall. Fares are around 500-600 Baht. If you want a meter taxi (less luxurious, less expensive) join the (usually short) queue outside the arrivals building and get a taxi voucher from the ticket booth outside. Tell them your hotel. You pay the taxi driver on arrival at your destination. Fares vary depending on the time/distance from around 200Baht upwards. A small tip is always appreciated.

Depending on your hotel location, the driver may ask if you want to take the tollway. There two main toll roads into central Bangkok which cost 30-40 baht. This is an extra separate charge from the fare and optional. You should pay the driver direct as you go through the tollway. It can be much quicker to take the toll roads in standard "rush hour" periods.

Transit Tours Arriving passengers with between 5-12 hours transit time, can take a Bangkok Transit Tour jointly offered by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (T.A.T.) and the Assocation of Thai Travel Agents. Contact the counters located near the transfer desks in terninals 1 & 2. Tours

Airport Tax Payable on departure to an international destination. 500 Baht. Domestic flights are also liable, from 50 - 150 Baht depending on the local airport. This is often included in the price of the airline ticket so check first.

Airport Info Bangkok International Airport - Quick Info. Inquiries: +662-535-1254 (Departures) +662-535-1310 (Arrivals)

25 kilometres north of Bangkok city centre.

Terminals: 3
International Passenger Terminals 1 and 2 - located next to each other Domestic Passenger Terminal 3 - Located 500 metres from Terminal 2

Transfer between Terminals
A free shuttle bus service connecting International terminals 1 and 2 and Domestic terminal 3 operates every 15 minutes 0530-2300.

Short-stay tourist visas may be obtained at airport immigration, which can result in entry queues being longer than at other airports. Visas regulations are subject to frequent changes so it's important to check with your local Thai consulate before you leave.

Transport into Bangkok City Centre


1. Pre-paid airport taxi vouchers can be purchased from the Thai Airways counter.

2. Metered taxis are available outside the Departures building. A system of queuing operates to obtain a voucher first which is then given to the cab driver. Pay the driver direct at your destination and note that a 50 Baht airport surcharge will be added to the total fare - this is standard. Some drivers "forget" to turn on the meter. Politely ask them to do so before you depart. Journey time to central Bangkok: around 30-90 minutes depending on traffic. Take the faster tollways en route, if you are in a hurry and pay the driver direct at each toll booth (around 30-40 Baht per segment) Average price Airport - Bangkok city centre around 200-300 Baht depending on distance and time of day.

A limousine service counter is available in the Arrivals hall of International Passenger Terminals 1 and 2. Prices start around 500 Baht.

Information and Help Desks
Airport information counters are located in the Arrivals and Departures halls within the International and Domestic terminals. The Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) counter is located in the shared Arrivals hall of both International Passenger Terminals 1 and 2.

Amazing Thailand 2015


Transportation Service:

Conference receptionist with "IES 2015 / IAIT 2015 / CSBio 2015 / iNCEB 2015" sign board in hand wait for participants (who has advanced booking) at meeting point, arrival exit hall, Bangkok International Airport on 20-23 November 2015. After warm welcome, receptionist will guide you to take seat or change currencies or buy cell phone card and wait for transportation to hotel which will depart by schedule time. Fare is 490 Baht per person per trip for share transportation. Private transportation (no need to wait for schedule time) rates are 900 Baht per trip (4 seat sedan/SUV) and 1,400 Baht per trip (9 seat van) at any time you want. For departure, airport transportation provided with same fares. Departure time from hotel are 04:00, 07:00, 10:00, 13:00 16:00 and 19:00 on 23-27 November 2015. Departure private transportation (no need to wait for schedule time) is also 900 and 1,400 Baht per trip at any time you want.

Email your arrival and departure details to, inform your flight number, date and time (Thailand local time), hotel, accompanying person and visa on arrival (if any) at least 3 days in advance before your arrival.


  1. Other arrival and departure date please book for private transportation.
  2. Participants without booking may be provided seat on shared transportation if available with same fare.
  3. Cancellation should be made immediately before your arrival and departure.
  4. Receptionist provided for schedule time/appointment time only. Receptionist cell phone number is 081-4412718 (local number).
  5. Print this page and bring it with you to Thailand.

Don't forget !!! Turn right after custom check point and walk along walkway to exit gate 3
Look for "IES 2015 / IAIT 2015 / CSBio 2015 / iNCEB 2015" sign board !!

IES 2015
IAIT 2015
CSBio 2015
iNCEB 2015